The Life of Rith

LINK (Language Institute of Natural Khmer) is now closed. This current site is not affiliated with the former school, but aims to provide methods and resources for learning Khmer that are compatible with its approach. You can find more information about LINK on the page about LINK.

If you came to this page looking for information on The Life of Rith, you can find captures of the page from LINK’s old site at the Internet Archive: The Life of Rith.

Paraphrased from the original page:

The Life of Rith was a course designed by LINK for tourists and new expats in Phnom Penh who wanted to learn about the daily life of Khmer people in modern-day Cambodia.

The teachers told the story of a typical Khmer named Rith from his birth until his death.

It covered aspects of life in Cambodia such as going to school, going to a Buddhist temple, going to the market, and traditional Cambodian medicine.

The session was entirely in Khmer, and the teachers used interaction and non-verbal communication to make the story of Rith’s life understandable even to those who don’t know any of the language.

This video on LINK’s YouTube channel shows a preview of the class: