A Day at the Office

LINK (Language Institute of Natural Khmer) is now closed. This current site is not affiliated with the former school, but aims to provide methods and resources for learning Khmer that are compatible with its approach. You can find more information about LINK on the page about LINK.

If you came to this page looking for information on A Day at the Office, you can find captures of the page from LINK’s old site at the Internet Archive: A Day at the Office.

Paraphrased from the original page:

In this course the LINK team presented various cultural differences between Khmers and foreigners by acting out a typical day at the office where a foreign boss gave tasks to a team.

It examined areas where opinions between Khmer and foreign cultures apparently conflict, for example, punctuality, expressing anger, problem solving, and networks of contacts.

The session was entirely in Khmer but presented in a way that participants with no knowledge of the language could understand.