Learn Khmer the Natural Way

The Life of Rith

The Life of Rith is a fun and entertaining course designed by LINK. It's aimed at tourists and recently arrived expatriates here in Phnom Penh who want to find out more about the every day life of the Khmer people .

For an hour and three quarters, our teachers will lead you through the life of Rith, a typical Khmer, from primary school till the end of his life. With him you will visit a Buddhist temple and a market. You will learn about traditional medicine and many other facets of his life.

This session is run exclusively in Khmer. Through the use of interactive methods, the way the teachers present the story of Rith's life, and the use of visual aids, you will understand everything that is going on, even if you don't understand or speak a word of Khmer!

Come and share this unique experience.

Price: 10$ per person, including the tasting of local fruit and other delicacies.

Date: every Thursday at 2PM

Advanced booking is mandatory as there is a maximum of 10 participants. For booking and further information please contact us by emailing, giving us a call on 012 293 764 or coming to see us in the office.


Here's a video teaser of this course like no other: The Life of Rith