Learn Khmer the Natural Way

Natural Khmer Classes

LINK, or the Language Institute of Natural Khmer, runs Khmer classes in Phnom Penh for adult foreigners using an innovative method. The minimum age for attending our classes is 15 years old.

Natural Khmer classes consist of two teachers engaged in spontaneous conversations that are exclusively in Khmer.

Topics of classes vary greatly, from daily life topics to – for advanced levels – analysis of the daily newspaper, religion, culture and tradition.

Through the use of body language, a whiteboard and other props at their disposal, the teachers will help you understand the general meaning of what is going on.
Refrain from speaking Khmer for as long as you can as this will hinder your progress. This goes for speaking outside of classes too!

Natural Khmer classes will help your work on your listening and understanding skills, something many people tend to lack when learning Khmer with more 'traditional' methods! If this is something you feel that is missing when it comes to your level of Khmer, why not come to LINK and see/hear for yourself?

If you feel ready to move up to the next level, please drop by the office to let us know and we will evaluate your level with the teachers.

If at anytime you have any questions, doubts or difficulties when it comes to your language learning - be it at LINK or anywhere else, Sonia and David are always available for advice or guidance. Just come to the office for a chat!

You learn to speak by listening – NOT speaking

Language comes from experiences, not memorised words and phrases

For the sake of your fellow students, please DON’T speak Khmer in class


We absorb everything like a sponge, then little by little we understand a few words, then some expressions, after that whole phrases in everyday life. Then, suddenly, words come out and speech follows...


For me I feel that new students need to know that they can learn to listen, a forgotten art in our busy western culture.  I think I was more focused on speaking than listening and thus missed a lot.  This is good training to learn to listen.


I like this method - it's unique. It's nice because I get words in context and the teachers are good about giving other options of say things instead of just teaching one way of saying something and then not understanding it in future contexts.