Learn Khmer the Natural Way

How it works

Acquiring a language is a natural process. Have you ever wondered how you were able to ‘learn’ your own language? – before you had a class, a teacher, or even knew how to read? This question is essential for students here at LINK.

In language learning, what we all do as children is quite different from what we normally ‘try’ to do as adults. Our program is centered on the fact that adults CAN learn a second language in the same way we learned our native language!

So what is it that children do? Children look and listen by soaking up experiences in life, normally not taking too much notice of language (as in words, or sounds) but they are very interested in language (as a way of communicating ideas). In contrast, adults tend to focus solely on sounds, definitions and grammar, usually ignoring all the other wealth of input that a child receives. Rather than practicing speaking, children simply try to understand what is happening around them. Language grows and, after a normal period of time, they are able to begin speaking. At first, their speech is not clear or accurate but as time goes on it self-connects and they become native speakers.

You can acquire Khmer  in the same way that children do if you use the same methods. When it is time, speech emerges naturally without forcing it and without thinking about it: words will be there when you need them.

The benefits are tremendous! Not only is the method entertaining and relaxing, but you will gain much more than merely a new way of saying words and phrases: you will acquire a deep and global understanding of both the Khmer culture and the way Khmer people see the world around them.

A language acquired naturally is yours, forever


Natural Khmer method

The Natural Khmer method follows the ALG(*) Thai Language method developed in the 80s by Dr J. Marvin Brown at AUA Bangkok, for both Thai and Japanese languages.

(*) ALG (Automatic Language Growth) is based on Stephen Krashen’s theory of natural language acquisition.

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Craig Berry, an ex-student at AUA in Bangkok has now opened a Vietnamese language school using the same way of teaching in Ho Chi Minh City. Check out his website here: 

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