Learn Khmer the Natural Way

Conversation Guidance Course

LINK is launching conversation classes for our Intermediate and Advanced level students. These classes will give students the opportunity to improve their conversation skills in Khmer through the guidance of one of our teachers.

The focus of these classes will not be to learn about grammar, the structure of the language or syntax, or to repeat words - they are aimed at accompanying and helping students to practice their speaking and to gain in confidence and fluency. These will be oral only classes and the topics will evolve around everyday life.

The classes include 3 students, 1 teacher and last for fifty minutes. We start a new 2 week session every week. Each session comprises a total of six 50 minute classes:

From 1pm till 1.50pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 weeks.

The price per student for the session is 30usd.

Please contact LINK to book for one of our sessions and we will determine which group to place you in.