Learn Khmer the Natural Way

A Day at the Office

This is a course in which, in a fun way, the team presents various cultural differences between Khmers and foreigners - all in Khmer! Through the acting out of a normal day at the office in which the foreign boss gives the team a task, teachers tackle important concepts where there seems to be conflicting opinions between the two cultures, such as punctuality, expression of anger, problem solving, networks of contacts and many more. Even though this session takes place exclusively in Khmer, participants with no previous exposure to the language are able to understand.

This is something which will definitely be interesting for those of you working in offices with Khmers, and for those of you who have found yourselves face to face with the cultural barriers which we talk about!

Sessions are regularly organised at LINK and we can also hold private sessions for you or your company anywhere in Phnom Penh.

Please contact us for more information and booking options by emailing, giving us a call on 012 293 764 or coming to see us in the office.